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What do we offer?

Best-in-class healthcare solutions


Our Core Services

  • Wide range of clinical care, education and project management solutions

  • One-time engagement or multi-year projects

  • Depth of healthcare expertise around the world


Clinical Optimization:

The Pillars of Excellence

We are here to partner with you to assess clinical and other services and to identify high value opportunities in order to meet your organization’s goals. We will focus on specific Pillars of Excellence to align people, processes, and technology to improve clinical outcomes and ROI.

Globally for anyone

Customized for you


Clinical Optimization
Value-based Solutions

Educational Solutions

AMIA offers interactive workshops, both virtually and on-site, relating the most relevant information on specific clinical and operational topics. We provide practical and skills-oriented instructions by domain experts to enhance your program capabilities.

Workflow Refinement

Review the most efficient way for physicians and other clinical staff to work within the EMR in order to redesign the processes and improve the effectiveness and satisfaction.

Quality, Safety & Compliance

  • Evaluation of quality management program (e.g. peer-review)


  • Assessment of patient and family experience

  • Recommendation on how to set up a risk-based quality management program

  • Assessment of compliance with regulatory requirements

Performance Improvement

Address the standard operating procedures (SOP) relative to best practices and recommended guidelines to improve the effectiveness of the process.

Value-based Solutions

  • Bundled payment systems

  • Revenue enhancement

  • Cost reductions and controls

  • Contract negotiations and analysis

Analysing the Numbers
Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning

  • Healthcare and Hospital system strategy

  • Change management and operational planning

  • Financial modeling

  • Review exisiting business plans

  • On-site assessment and needs evaluation

  • SWOT analysis

Why choose us?

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